The purpose of this web site is simply to share my small private collection with fellow enthusiasts.

They live in climate controlled luxury and get regular maintenance and detailing but don’t get viewed often enough. I hope you enjoy them and I welcome your comments (hopefully positive). Some of these motorcycles will be for sale soon. If you want to discuss something seriously, feel free to contact me.

What’s New – Selling Some Bikes Soon.

71 Honda CB750 Sold.

1934 Harley Davidson VLD – total restoration is complete! Details soon.

New bikes to show you soon! 1973 Kawasaki Z1 with a 11/72 build date,1930 HD V, 1975 Rickman CR 900,

Best regards to all the new Owners. I hope you are enjoying these fine bikes.

Motorcycle Collection

Kawasaki Z1 build date 11/72

Registered as a 1973 Kawasaki Z1 this pristine bike has a build date of 11/72 and a low VIN number 2568. More info to follow soon.


1970 Honda CB750

1970 Honda CB750. This excellent, pristine and very exacting CB750 came to me almost completed by the previous owner / collector / restorer. It was taken right down to the bone and brought back up with all new genuine parts and finishes. it’s fortunate that he started this work when there was still so much […]


1971 Honda CB750 K1 – Sold and off to Brisbane AU

1971 Honda CB750 K1. Restored, refurbished, rebuilt. This beautiful K1 was originally imported to Vancouver Island BC, Canada most likely to Victoria Honda. It came and went from the dealership over the years until a long term employee bought it. He went on to start and operate the largest motorcycle dealership on Vancouver Island. An […]


1935 Harley Davidson VLDD

The 1935 VLDD is an 80 cu. in. sport solo and very rare. Only 179 VLDDs were ever manufactured. Its unlikely more than a very few, restored as this one, exist today. This one came to my collection from Maine USA. The previous owner was the restorer and a great deal of credit is his. […]


1936 Harley Davidson VLH

Well after 3.5 years this 36 VLH restoration is complete. The great majority of the time spent hunting down the rare and often one year, one model only parts and carefully restoring them. I was waiting for painting of the tanks and fenders for a year but in the end they did a fine job. It […]


1972 Harley Davidson FLH

Without fail everyone who has seen my little collection stops and comments very positively on this bike. I was no different and had to have it when I saw it. I believe the Shovelhead has and will continue to progress as a highly iconic and collectable Harley. As the story goes this bike was part […]


1954 BMW R51/3 – SOLD and off to a new home in the US

This R51/3 has been meticulously and accurately restored. Rare and beautiful it has the one year only front brake hub (full width brakes 7.9”), aluminum rims and correct saddle. As was the case with later ‘54s, this one has the brake light switch assembly. The R51/3 is the second larger cc post war motorcycle that […]


1958 AJS Norton Special – SOLD and off to a new home in the US

This is the creative vision and detailed mechanical masterwork of Ron Peter. A build that took several years starting with a Norton featherbed frame and an AJS 18CS engine with 1 3/8” Amal GP carburetor. The Norton featherbed frame first appeared in the 1950s for racing and transformed the Norton Manx. So popular was the […]


1952 Ariel Square Four Mk1 is SOLD and off to Ontario, Canada

English gentleman country cruiser capable of 100mph. I am the fifth personal owner of this MK 1 and the first not named David! This bike has a unique history, being first purchased new in 1952 in New Jersey. The most recent previous owner bought the bike while on a trip in N.Y. State in 1996. […]


1987 Bimota DB1SR In Original Crate is SOLD and off to Ontario, Canada

This DB1SR is quite possibly one of only two still in the crate. I could stand corrected but am only aware of there being one other and I can’t say if it is still in or on its crate. When I received this bike I raised the crate top off the platform for only the […]


1987 Suzuki GSXR-750R Gary Goodfellow ‘87 AMA Superbike Series Racer – SOLD soon to be on display at the Dream Cycle Museum BC

Raced by Canada’s Gary Goodfellow in the 1987 AMA Superbike Series This is one of two Suzuki Canada “Boutique” Superbikes provided by Suzuki to the Suzuki Canada Team for the 1987 race season. The team was managed by George Morin and aided by engine builder Mike Crompton. This #99 Superbike was raced by Gary Goodfellow […]


1968 Norton P11A – SOLD and off to Vancouver Island BC

If you are a Norton fan than you most likely can speak to several important models that furthered or saved Norton along the way. The P11 and P11a is one of those models. The P11 and most of its scrambler / off road predecessors were built for the export market primarily to the western US […]


1970 Norton Commando S Type SOLD off to Washington State, USA

The Norton Commando, a Norton- Villiers motorcycle was launched by the Norton Motorcycle Company in 1967 as a 750cc OHV, pre unit parallel twin. The 1970 S Type or scrambler model featured upswept exhaust, the isolastic vibration control system and twin leading shoe front drum brake. This pristine example is the end result of a […]


1971 Norton Commando Fastback SOLD off to Timmins Ontario

The Norton Commando, a Norton-Villiers motorcycle was launched by the Norton Motorcycle Company in 1967 as a 750cc OHV, pre unit parallel twin. The 1971 Fastback model with its iconic styling via the rear tail piece also featured the isolastic vibration control system and twin leading shoe front drum brake. This is another pristine example […]


1966 BSA A65 Lightning SOLD and off to Germany

Ok, so not exactly an investment quality AMCA high pointer but a very high scorer in the enjoyment category. This 66 A65L is a local bike that was well restored mechanically a few years back. It isn’t perfect but still looks and runs great. I like the fact that I don’t have to fuss over […]