The purpose of this web site is simply to share my small private collection with fellow enthusiasts.

1972 Harley Davidson FLH

Without fail everyone who has seen my little collection stops and comments very positively on this bike. I was no different and had to have it when I saw it. I believe the Shovelhead has and will continue to progress as a highly iconic and collectable Harley.

As the story goes this bike was part of a large collection in Texas where the owner decided it was time for the shovel to undergo a complete restoration. It is my understanding and belief that the 9,900 miles on the odometer are original as the condition of some of the original parts I have examined with expert Harley mechanics would give good reason to be so. I have had many experts hear the engine running and they all concur it is one of the smoothest shovels they have ever heard.

This matching number bike has the majority of its original parts which have been plated, polished, upholstered and tins repainted in the correct Starburst Purple. It sports the first year front disc brake and is an excellent example of the AMF era.

All the bikes get a lot of detailing attention but this one seems to catch my eye regularly and is subject to refinements and improvements every time I focus on it. I keep this one in running order and start it regularly. I will ride this one in the nice weather coming up. Not a lot, but I will.