The purpose of this web site is simply to share my small private collection with fellow enthusiasts.

1987 Bimota DB1SR In Original Crate is SOLD and off to Ontario, Canada

This DB1SR is quite possibly one of only two still in the crate. I could stand corrected but am only aware of there being one other and I can’t say if it is still in or on its crate. When I received this bike I raised the crate top off the platform for only the second time since it left Italy, the first being at Customs.

It is still mounted to the crate base and still shows some floor dust on the tires from the manufacturer wheeling it across the floor to be crated. It’s never been off the base. I simply could not have this beautiful Italian beauty hidden in the crate and had to take the top off, packaging off and assemble the front wheel etc as shown (soon). Needless to say, the crate top and packaging are all stored away carefully.

In 1987 only 153 DB1SR motorcycles were made. Of these most went to Japan and were raced, crashed and gone. I was told this unit was destined for the market in France and should by all accounts, not have been directly exported to Canada. The gentleman I purchased the bike from bought several Bimotas directly from Italy and tucked them away, crated and untouched since new. Regardless if investment was his intention, a good investment it most certainly proved to be.

The 87 DB1SR was a refined improvement over its predecessor the DB1 (stands for Ducati, Bimota, One) The DB1 was the first generation of mating a Ducati 750 Pantah engine to the Bimota and moved Bimota into a true super bike status. The DB1 needed more punch and Dr. Frederico Martini added improvements in tuning, air intake (larger Malossi modified 41mm Dell’Ortos without restrictive filtration), Montjuich specification camshafts and a new two into one free flow exhaust system.

The result, 15 more HP or 80HP @ 9200 rpm, a continuous torque band from 3-10K, Top speed around 142mph and quarter miles in the 11’s on a 352lbs exotic package that could handle and stop via the pair of 4 piston caliper Brembo brakes. This one has the Goldline Brembos which could mean it was one of the last DB1SRs made before the 7 Serie Finale.

Back in 1987 a brand new DB1SR would cost you 14,500.00 USD if you could get one. A very exotic price back then for a very exotic street legal racing machine.

The DB1SR was successfully raced in Italy by Tiziano Bombardi, winning the 1987 Italian Sport Production Twins Championship, finishing on top of the podium in 8 of the 9 races, with one second place finish.