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1987 Suzuki GSXR-750R Gary Goodfellow ‘87 AMA Superbike Series Racer – SOLD soon to be on display at the Dream Cycle Museum BC

Raced by Canada’s Gary Goodfellow in the 1987 AMA Superbike Series

This is one of two Suzuki Canada “Boutique” Superbikes provided by Suzuki to the Suzuki Canada Team for the 1987 race season. The team was managed by George Morin and aided by engine builder Mike Crompton.

This #99 Superbike was raced by Gary Goodfellow in his sensational 1987 season. The second superbike was raced by fellow team mate Michel Mercier.

You can find a detailed race history HERE

You can find video of Gary racing and winning HERE

The #99 Suzuki Superbike has been raced restored by Kemp Archibald.

Originally a 1986 GSXR-750R the Goodfellow Superbike features:

Frame modified by Paul Young to duplicate the early Suzuki Factory (Yoshimura) racers from information supplied by Goodfellow when he raced for Yoshimura.

Mike Crompton built engine with flat slide Mikuni’s (35.5 mm) Approximately 125HP.

Hand built Yoshimura titanium factory exhaust (original cost $5000.00!)

Yoshimura factory swing arm made from the same aluminum extrusion as the frame.

Brembo “Gold” 4 piston brake calipers.

Spondon adjustable triple clamp and Spondon clip-ons.

Technomagnesio race shock.

Wet clutch substituted for dry clutch which proved to be maintenance intensive.

Billet aluminum engine mounts and spacers to increase rigidity.

Painted in the “Boutique” colors for Goodfellow and Mercier.

This Goodfellow machine was retired from the Suzuki Canada race effort at the end of 1987. It was raced for part of 1988 by Canadian Dave Ryan then rebuilt and stored.

Kemp Archibald purchased this bike in 1992 and began the full restoration which finished in 1996. The Superbike is now on display in this collection in a climate controlled environment and detailed regularly.

An incredible part of Superbike racing history.