The purpose of this web site is simply to share my small private collection with fellow enthusiasts.

1966 BSA A65 Lightning SOLD and off to Germany

Ok, so not exactly an investment quality AMCA high pointer but a very high scorer in the enjoyment category.

This 66 A65L is a local bike that was well restored mechanically a few years back. It isn’t perfect but still looks and runs great. I like the fact that I don’t have to fuss over this one so much and keep it freshly maintained and started regularly.

It just received new gas plunger valves, fresh fluids and a new battery. Fired right up and always does.

New Clutch cable Aug 2015

It is mostly original. Note the original unpainted side covers, pretty nice for 48 years.

These 650cc OHV parallel twins have always been a good handling smooth performer capable of 108 mph or so.

This one was featured in Motorcycle Classics Sept / Oct 2007 edition in a comparison square off with a 68 Triumph T120.