The purpose of this web site is simply to share my small private collection with fellow enthusiasts.

1935 Harley Davidson VLDD

The 1935 VLDD is an 80 cu. in. sport solo and very rare. Only 179 VLDDs were ever manufactured. Its unlikely more than a very few, restored as this one, exist today. This one came to my collection from Maine USA. The previous owner was the restorer and a great deal of credit is his. As the story goes this bike was on display at a local HD dealership. My notes say it was Schott’s Harley Davidson – George Schott being the dealer. My apologizes if I’ve misinterpreted or misspelled. The previous owner inquired after the bike with patience and earnest for many years until the day the dealer sold it to him. He then spent 15 years hunting down all original parts and restoring the VLDD. The bike has been judged twice by Steve Slocumbe and earned the Senior AMCA award at Rhinebeck in 2008. I am fortunate to have the original judging sheets and the award. Out of respect for the AMCA I don’t publish the point number but be assured it is very high and all noted deductions, along with a couple of my own, have been dealt with. The previous owner informed me that the engine, transmission and clutch were built by Bill French. Perhaps a name familiar to some readers from the Eastern States etc. Having less than 100 miles on the bike I saw no point in rebuilding the drive train.

Upon arrival I had a feeling the bike hadn’t been started for some time. Inspection proved this. To the credit of these robust VLs, with a bit purging, blowing out of lines etc, some fresh oil, gas and a battery the old goat started in two kicks. Since then I have had a great deal of the bike apart for refinishing all of the parkerizing, cadmium, some chrome and some principal black pieces. I rebuilt the dash, horn, headlamp, seat post and few other things. I did rebuild the wheel hubs as I had several new sets of axel assemblies and like the job. It wasn’t necessary they were fine. The wheels and hubs were previously built by Harbour Vintage. Believing the bike to have sat for a period I removed the tanks and had them professionally cleaned, minor solder repair, tested and professionally lined. I replaced the gas lines and sterilized the carb, replaced engine and trans fluids then drained. It rests in its climate controlled home with its other two wheeled friends. Ready to go another day. Finished in the 1935 paint option Egyptian Ivory & Brown this is an all original/nos/oem VLDD (not the saddle and a few other minor exceptions as well I’m sure) Nice to see 86 year old iron and tin look so good. More pics to come.